The Hari Singh Nalwa Foundation Trust


  • Empowerment—We believe that only you can help yourself, others can merely assist you reach your goal. Having faith in yourself and the necessary motivation to achieve, are absolutely essential for success. Empowering beliefs make life's journey an enjoyable one.
  • Financial support—To provide financial support to first-generation 12th class pass girls for technical training.
  • Conduct research—To conduct research and publish books in Sikh history.
  • To preserve our heritage.

  • Programmes

    We collaborate with voluntary organisations that focus on empowerment of women and the girl child. Both lectures and training programmes are offered for teachers and senior-school children in the following areas:

  • Life skills—with emphasis on the importance of empowering beliefs.
  • How to motivate students.
  • Enhancing counselling and communication skills.
  • The importance of learning history.
  • Hari Singh Nalwa distributing land grants to the landless in Kashmir. By R.M. Singh, 20th century. From the Bhai Mati Das, Bhai Sati Das and Bhai Dyala Museum, Delhi.